Every year when the papers are submitted, the Beijing Translation Company receives papers translation companies from different regions. Because of the heavy workload, the translation of papers can not be done carelessly. What matters should the Beijing Translation Company pay attention to when it carries out the translation?


  1. Familiar with the structure of the thesis


  Paper writing pays attention to logic, so in order to do a good job of paper translation, we must understand the author's writing logic, and combine the structure of the paper with the thinking habits of foreigners to do a good job of thinking conversion, so that in the process of paper translation, we can achieve native language thinking, which can better reflect the value of the paper. If a paper looks like Chinglish, it's a sad thing.


  2. Consistency in Translation of Papers


  Chinese and foreigners think differently, foreigners pay attention to simplicity. Therefore, in the process of translation, the translator can describe the content of the paper concisely and accurately, and the fewer words the better. For the same paper, Chinese and English titles should be consistent in content, but not equal to one-to-one correspondence. Individual non-substantive words can be omitted or changed. However, from the aspect of text expression, it should meet the requirements of submission.


  3. Attention to Details in Paper Translation


  The level of paper writing directly translates the strength and ability of a scientific researcher and team. In order to better communicate with contributors, professional organizations and related peers, and show their own scientific research strength, it is necessary to have a high level of paper translation. As an interpreter, it is necessary to translate strictly according to the client's manuscripts and Papers'submission requirements. Paper translation should pay attention to the relevant details.


  (1) Case


  There are three types of capitalization for titles: all capitalization; the first letter capitalization for each word, but all articles, conjunctions and prepositions under three or four letters are capitalized; the first letter capitalization for the first word, and all other letters are capitalized.


  (2) Articles


  The use of articles is something that many students, including professionals, do not pay much attention to. In translating client's manuscripts, translators need to do a good job of analysis in accordance with writing requirements, in line with grammar and native language expression. For example, there is a tendency to simplify articles in titles of scientific and technological papers, and all articles that can be used or not can be used.


  (3) Abbreviations


  Each industry has its own terminology. In the process of translating papers, translators should collect and sort out the relevant professional terminology database beforehand. Acronyms that have been recognized by experts or authorities in the corresponding industry can be used directly in the text to give customers a professional impression.


  (4) Terminology


  Details are an important guarantee for the quality of translation. According to the understanding of the thesis, the translator should prepare the words, collocate reasonably and translate the relevant content accurately. If you encounter unknown words, sentences or icons in the process of paper translation, you must first communicate with customers to better understand the content of the paper and ensure the "faithful, expressive and elegant" translation of the paper.